Track and General Conditioning

The Wildcats Track Club is a youth running group that trains for and competes in USA Track and Field sanctioned Track & Field meets. It is open to athletes under the age of 19 who are interested in all events, regardless of capability and experience. The club has a strong tradition in helping runners of all ages achieve their goals. A large number of Wildcats have gone on to lead their high school track and cross-country teams, and also have excelled at the state and national levels.

A primary objective of the club is to encourage youth participation in running, and in the disciplines, that accompany the sport. The methods include a safe, balanced and fun approach to training and racing, all of which prepare our athletes for competition at the high school level and beyond. The ultimate goal is not to win races, but to instill a love for running as a life-long activity and to develop strength of character through competitive running. Winning races is a by-product of accomplishing these goals.

The philosophy of the club is that each runner is competing against his or herself, and that how fast or where a runner finishes is not nearly as important as how they conduct themselves among their peers and competition. Each runner is encouraged to focus on self-improvement. Every Wildcat is a winner regardless of how he or she places in race, as long as they put their best effort forward. The pursuit of excellence is what distinguishes a Wildcat today and throughout their life.

Training Tomorrow’s Champions

Wildcat athletes participate in comprehensive training regimes designed to enhance performance, while minimizing the risk of injury. Training includes drills and running techniques, endurance and speed development, racing tactics and mental preparation. Strength and flexibility training are also incorporated into the program as they relate to the sport, with an emphasis on preventing injuries. Our season begins with general conditioning and endurance training, through mid-Feb, followed by speed training and event specific training into March and ending with peak race training to finish the season in July.

The Track Season

Pre-season competitions begin in February and occur on Saturdays through March. The meets vary in the levels of competition and runners will compete only in those meets that are appropriate for their capability level. No runner will compete until they are ready, both physically and mentally. Although it is not required to compete in any competitions, it is strongly encouraged once an appropriate capability level is reached, as competition is an important part of the development process in this sport. Additionally, the team will compete in a couple of “fun” out of state meets which are optional for team members. The race season builds to the USA Track & Field Junior Olympics and National qualifying meets that begin in June. These meets will be limited to those runners who meet certain higher capability levels at that time. Top runners will be eligible for post-season competition in the Regional and Nations Junior Olympic meets.

Practice Makes the Athlete

Every effort must be made to attend our workouts on a regular basis. This means that runners must manage their time wisely. It is their responsibility to complete their homework and chores promptly after school and in the evenings. Workout sessions throughout the week will have different objectives and, by missing too many, the runner’s body will not receive enough conditioning to withstand the demands that will be placed on it during competition. We discourage placing a child in a competitive race situation without adequate preparation.

Workout sessions will start promptly at the scheduled times. We ask that all runners be present at that time and dressed in the appropriate attire. The temperature often drops significantly early in the season and those not bringing along warmer clothing tend to get sick often. Also, runners should pay special attention to what they eat and drink prior to the workouts. An upset stomach will prevent the runner from accomplishing their workout goals. Also, it is important to hydrate throughout the day, rather than immediately before workouts.

Parental Support

Parents, you play a big part in how well your child will do. You can help your child by demonstrating a good attitude, respect and support the philosophy of the coaching staff, and just remember, the runners are young and this is a learning experience. They will not always live up to your expectations, but you must remain supportive, and encourage them no matter what. Children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment, not ours, and children need models, not criticism. Any single race is only a very small piece of a much larger puzzle.

Membership Dues

The membership fee for our 2020 Track season is $400 + $75 per month dues. Total $475 (Includes uniform, t-shirt and 1st month dues)
Returning member 2020 Track season is $300 + $75 per month dues. Total $375 (Includes t-shirt, and 1st month dues)
New additional family athlete $300 (Includes uniform, t-shirt)
Returning additional athlete $200 (Includes t-shirt)
2017 General conditioning memberships no meets $200 + $75 per month dues


1 Pair of new running shoes
Lightweight exercise clothing
1 Pair of racing spikes (We will have a team fitting – Shoe night at Road Runner Sports in Laguna Hills)

Goals: To become fit and healthy while improving race performances.
To enjoy running and feel satisfaction with each level of progress.

South Orange County Wildcats Youth 27068 La Paz #294 Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656